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Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Archive I

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Mar 31, 2017

A life’s worth of lessons is jam-packed in today’s episode with our Best Ever guest. From crashing in burning to building a business back up again with only a couple thousand dollars. Deal syndication, overcoming paralyzing terror, flipping, urban rehab projects, deal structure with investors and so much more is discussed. Let’s go!

 Phillip Elmes’s real estate background:

–        Founder of NDP (Neighborhood Development Partners

-         Buying, improving and reselling homes in Chicago’s south side inner city neighborhoods

–        Licensed broker since 1973 – been in real estate over 40 years

–        Active in real estate since then as both a broker and developer of residential and commercial real estate

–        Say hi to him at

Mar 31, 2017

Curious about Section 8? Listen to today’s Best Ever guest as she shares the pros and cons of Section 8 programs. Oh, you’ll also hear a cute puppy dog story too.

Jen Kurtz’s real estate background:

–        Joining us from Youngstown, OH

–        Broke into the biz in 2012 as a site manager for a 96 unit property

–        Experienced in subsidy programs such as Section 8

–        Currently manages a tax credit property with 120 units

Mar 31, 2017

My glass is always half full but today’s Best Ever guest cautions to not buy based off of optimism. Listen to what you should be buying off of…

Theresa Bradley-Banta’s real estate background:

–        Founder and CEO of Theresa Bradley-Banta Real Estate Consultancy

–        Flipped properties from 50k to 2.5MM across the nation

–        Investor in a development deal in Mexico

–        Author of Invest in Apartment Buildings: Profit without the Pitfalls

–        2012 winner of the Stevie Award for Entrepreneur of the Year

–        Her company has won 11 American and International real estate awards

–        Visit her at

Mar 31, 2017

Today’s  Best Ever guest talks about the importance of talking to strangers and why he has a remarkable goal of meeting 100 new people a day. Too fluffy for ya? Well he has a personal portfolio of over $20,000,000 and he talks about his tactic for building that too. Boom – psychology and strategy – get ready!

Aaron Woodman’s real estate background:

–        Sold over $200M in real estate

–        Had a property mgmt. company that oversw 1600 units

–        Personal portfolio of over $20MM in property

–        LA Operations Manager at The Boutique Real Estate Group located in Corona Del Mar, California

–        Got his license while in high school and was selling homes before graduating

–        Say hi to him at

Mar 31, 2017

Real estate investing is a team game. And having an All Star broker on your team is stacking the odds in your favor for finding deals and making money. How do All Star brokers qualify YOU as a potential business partner? Listen to today’s Best Ever guest as he shares the four qualifying questions he asks.

 Kurt Shoemaker’s real estate background:

–        Focused on multifamily and this year only has closed on $55,000,000 of deals

–        Associate Vice President at Cassidy Turley based in Cincinnati, OH office

–        Recognized Cassidy Turley Rising Star for 2014

–        Been in business for about 6 years

Mar 31, 2017

This interview takes an unexpected and deliciously wonderful turn when today’s Best Ever guest asks to role play so he can share with you how to smoothly bring up prospecting for your biz in any setting.

Karl Krentzel’s real estate background:

–        Been in real estate for 18 years

–        Did 75 real estate transactions in one year (his best one, obvi)

–        Host of popular podcast called The Red Pill Investor

–        Based in Tucson, Arizona

–        Visit him at

Mar 31, 2017

Today’s Best Ever guest shares with us the systems he implements to continually grow his flipping business. From morning routine to overall psychology – you’ll get a full dose of how to make it happen!

Justin Colby’s real estate background:

–        Founder of Phoenix Wealth Builders based in Phoenix Arizona

–        Flipped over 300 homes in last 7 years

–        Building 79 town homes in Mesa, AZ

–        Host of top ranked podcast The Science of Flipping and author of The Science of Flipping available on Amazon

–        Say hi to Justin here:

Mar 31, 2017

Note buying. Buying notes. And more note buying…you want to hear from a note buying expert? Listen to today’s Best Ever guest as he shares how to do the due diligence on note buying and the reveals five exit strategies for note buying.

Val Sotir’s real estate background:

–        Founder of Watermark Capital Partners (

–        In 2009 he was featured on the cover of Forbes magazine as one of the mortgage survivors on Wall Street

–        10 years of experience as a stock broker

Mar 31, 2017

Today’s Best  Ever has raised over $3,000,000 and flipped over 200 homes but it hasn’t come without challenges. Major challenges. Like starting his company with $80,000 in debt, selling a car to finish a flip, and being conned by a con man. He tells his story in today’s episode that you don’t want to miss.

Glenn Schworm’s real estate background:

–   Flipped 200 houses since then 2007

–   Founded Signature Home Buyers with his wife, they buy and sell 50 houses a year

–   Raised about 3MM in private investor funds

–   His website is

Mar 31, 2017

Today’s Best Ever guest brings a different perspective to the show than what’s typical because her background isn’t exclusively focused on real estate. She’s a certified financial planner and talks to you about her Best Ever advice.

Ashleigh Brooker’s real estate background:

–        Certified Financial Planner for A.J. Brooker Financial Associates in Columbia, SC

–        Guest Columnist for The State newspaper

–        Provides wealth management for professionals, business owners and families

–        Real estate investor and owner of a rental property

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