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Apr 21, 2017

You’re about to find out some next-level ways to find motivated sellers. And, we get into specifics of how to make your phone ring more often via Google Ad words.Ready for it? Ok, let’s go!

David Corbaley’s real estate background:

–        Founder of The Marketing Commando based in Seattle, Washington

–        Former Green Beret in the Army now working to help investors get a flood of quality leads

–        Started investing in 2002 and has done over 200 transactions since then

Apr 21, 2017

Today’s Best Ever guest started his real estate business buying a house for $9,000 then flipped it and made a couple thousand from it. Plus, how to go from that to making over 600 offers a month.

Brett Snodgrass’s real estate background:

–        Founder of Real Estate Discounts based in Indianapolis, Indiana

–        Started investing in 2006 and has done over 500 deals since then

–        Done wholesaling, fix-and-flips, land contracts, and owner financing deals

Apr 21, 2017

Want more leads for your business? I thought so. Today’s Best Ever guest shares his secrets for how you can generate a massive amount of leads. Plus, much, much more!

Hoss Pratt’s real estate background:

–        Founder of Hoss Pratt Success Systems based in Plano, Texas

–        After 3 years as a real estate agent he accumulated over $20,000,000 in sales

–        Recently nominated as Marketer of the Year for his Listing Boss product – lead generation tool for real estate agents

–        His expertise is in lead generation and conversion techniques – simply put, he’s an expert at getting a “yes” from difficult prospects

Apr 21, 2017

Here is the 5-step process for how to automate your house flipping business. Plus, today’s Best Ever guest shares the three C’s of House flipping success.

Justin Williams’s real estate background:

–        Founder of and House Flipping HQ podcast

–        Been a full time RE investors for 8 years and have flipped close to 400 houses during that time and am currently flipping close to 100 houses a year all on automative systems

–        Been an entrepreneur since he was 9 years old and is currently based in San Clemente, California

Apr 21, 2017

Today’s Best Ever guest talks about how much asset managers get paid, how they work with their clients and the keys to become a successful asset manager.

John Wilhoit Jr’s real estate background:

–        Has managed and advised clients with over 60,000 units in 38 states and is based in Columbia, Missouri

–        President of WIN LLC, a consultant to property mgmt. companies, an asset manager to owners of multifamily and a project manager for multifamily assets in construction phase

–        Author of Multifamily Insight Volume 1: How to Acquire Wealth Through the Right Multifamily Assets in the Right Markets

Apr 21, 2017

Multifamily markets. Multifamily investing strategies. Multifamily buying criteria. Today’s Best Ever guest is a multifamily expert and we talk all about multifamily. Listen and learn baby!

Gary Goodman’s real estate background:

–        Senior VP of Acquisitions for Passco Companies based in Irvine, California

–        Over 30 years of industry experience and is responsible for acquiring properties with combined value of over $4B

–        Sits on the Board of Directors for the National Multifamily Housing Council

Apr 21, 2017

Here’s what I learned from the challenge that can be applied to your life as well. Let’s get it!

Apr 21, 2017

How do you identify the most motivated sellers? You find the people who own properties but don’t want them. Today’s Best Ever guests talks about the importance of finding them and the research he’s done in the space.

Morry Eghbal’s real estate background:

–        CEO of Successors Data, a database that connects investors with motivated sellers

–        Over 25 years of experience in real estate investing and is based in Ontario, California

–        Did 1500 flips over last 22 years

Apr 21, 2017

One purchase. That’s all it took to build today’s Best Ever guest’s company which now has done over $5,000,000 in transactions in just 4 years. Here’s how he made it happen. Creative techniques are coming out the ying yang in this episode!

Andre Lewis’s real estate background:

–        Co-founder of Verius Property Group based in New Orleans, Louisiana

–        Investor since 2011 and since then has bought and sold over $5,000,000 worth of real estate

–        Say hi to him at

Apr 21, 2017

Your world is about to be turned upside down. Today’s Best Ever guest is blowing up myths that we have about investing and replacing them with sound advice that makes a whole lotta sense. Get ready, Best Ever Listeners, you’re in for a treat.

Garrett Gunderson’s real estate background:

–        NY Times Best-Selling Author of Killing Sacred Cows a book on bustin’ traditional financial myths and providing refreshing alternatives

–        Founder of Freedom FastTrack which is a results-based financial services and personal development company

–        Check out Wealth Factory at:

–        Real estate investor who owns 5 properties and he is based in Salt Lake City, Utah

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